Monday, 3 March 2014

Try not to smile. I dare you.

Everyone loves a robot in a painting. Right? Who's with me people? So you can imagine how excited i was to find a hobot (that's a hobo+robot) deftly painting into an otherwise serene landscape, probably produced by a faithful student of Bob Ross.  David Irvine's solo show runs until March 29 at the Flying Pony Cafe. Irvine gives thrift-store found pieces new life with an injection of imagination and humour.

I find that artists who tread into humour risk being easily dismissed. We like art to be "beautiful" or "provocative" but art that makes us smile we tend to shrug off.  Given that our culture is filled with self-help books, tshirts and herbal remedies to make us happier, it seems like art that makes us smile should given its proper due. Maybe the AGO permanent collection could stand a few more Hobots. I for one would probably spend more time among the bucolic paintings of Canadian history if there was a chance I might see a flying steak.

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